fuck you twice

Me: “I love the feeling of going for a run until I’m completely exhausted, and realizing how far I can run now without getting exhausted.”

Dad: “Ben, the fridge isn’t a big distance to run”



You shouldn’t rely on likes and reblogs to keep you alive.

If you feel like you need to leave this life and that there is no other option, then you fucking do that, as bad as that sounds.

Don’t rely on people who don’t know you to keep you afloat because they don’t matter. They’re not close to you. 99% of them would not mourn your death.

This was sparked because of something that came up on my dash, and it was similar to “50000 likes by my birthday and I won’t kill myself”

Chances are the person in question has people close to them that love them, and shouldn’t look to anon support from a blogging website to save their damn life. Anon support is empty. It is clicking a couple of buttons. It is not paying for counselling sessions, it is not seeing them in person, giving them a massive hug and telling them things will be okay, it is not any of that.

Half the time it is just a person wanting to look all good Samaritan-like with anon support on their profile.

It confuses me.


Ending 2012 the same way I started it.
Unattractive and single.

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rip 2012


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whats the html code for a social life

 <go> </outside>

404 error

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it is 12:00am, jauary 1st, 2013. the teen girl rushes to her macbook pro to update her facebook status. “i haven’t seen you guys since last year!” she writes, smiling to herself. her status quickly begins to get likes. the world erupts into laughter. she is a comedy genius.

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